Tumble Regeneration Strategy

Client: : Llannon Community Council Location: : Tumble,Carmarthenshire Dates: : 2010

Tumble is situated in the Gwendraeth Valley in Carmarthenshire.  The area has a rich industrial heritage and Tumble’s ‘Great Mountain Colliery’ once dominated the settlement and was a primary source of employment.  With the closure of the colliery in recent years Tumble has seen decline, in the face of which the settlement is seeking to retain the remaining businesses, shops and community facilities that serve its 8000 or so inhabitants.

HDD was commissioned to set out a comprehensive regeneration strategy for Tumble. The commission included:

  • a comprehensive urban design analysis; and
  • an appraisal of existing assets and threats to these assets, alongside an assessment of the opportunities and influences driving prospects for regeneration;
  • an intensive community consultation, including questionnaires, face to face meetings with key individuals and groups; and
  • an analysis of community groups and service users;
  • functional analysis of all the principal community buildings;
  • development of a series of regeneration options addressing streetscape and parking enhancements, options for improving and re-configuring and green-space and sports facilities, and options for developing, extending or re-configuring community facilities;
  • consideration of Community Asset Transfer;
  • development recommendations on delivery mechanisms for implementation and recommendations on potential partners and the constitution of a steering group to deliver the Strategy.