Technical Guidance on the Re-Use and Reclamation of Graves

Client: : London Environment Directors Network LEDNET Location: : London Dates: : 2013

HDD co-ordinated and produced Technical Guidance on the Re-Use and Reclamation of Graves, working alongside the Cemetery Research Group (University of York) and the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management and the City of London Cemetery.  The guidance was produced on behalf of the London Environment Directors Network (LEDNET) a co-ordinating body for London Local Authorities.

Burial Authorities in London have the legal capacity to re-use graves in certain defined circumstances.  Re- use can only take place in certain conditions and following procedures prescribed by legislation. The 180 page fully illustrated report provides guidance on the application, methods and procedures of re-use.

The scope of this guidance extends to address:

  • the general approach to planning and timetabling for re-use;
  • the legislative framework and the application of that framework;
  • the implications of consecrated burial areas, and working with the local Diocese;
  • the development of a strategic approach to re-use within a cemetery;
  • the implications of age structure of graves and burial areas;
  • historic, cultural and environmental concerns including Conservation Management Planning;
  • communicating strategies for re-use;
  • preparation of burial areas for re-use;
  • administration and technicalities of re-use;
  • integration of re-use into existing provision.

The Guidance now provides a standard reference document for all London Local Authorities intending to pursue re-use.