St Helens Cemetery, St Helens

Client: : St Helens Borough Council Completion: : 2010 Value: : £1.5 million (landscape finishes £250,000)

St Helens Cemetery is an historic Cemetery which opened in 1858 and has witnessed two previous phases of expansion. The cemetery normally accommodates 400 burials per annum. This new extension completed in 2010, allows for 25-30 years capacity.

The site was originally unsuitable for burial due to the underlying groundwater conditions. Proposals were developed by consulting engineers Gifford to raise the ground to a level to enable burial without risk to groundwater.

Harrison Design Development were responsible for the successful submission of a major new planning application, and the discharge of conditions. Given the substantial land-raising element, the work included a comprehensive assessment of potential environ- mental impacts (including 3D visualisations of the proposed scheme).

HDD then prepared all layout and detailed drawings, specifications and schedules for the landscape finishes and assisted the contract administrator (St Helens Borough Council) with overseeing the implementation of the works on site.

The scheme included:
■ importing 50,000 cubic meters of fill to raise ground levels;
■ a bespoke designed columbarium ;
■ new seating areas, with a new suit of new site furniture and signage;
■ creation of wildflower meadows and lawn areas;
■ extensive new planting native and ornamental planting;
■ extensive carriageways footpaths and boundary treatments