Southwark Cemetery Strategy

Client: : Southwark Council Location: : Southwark, London Dates: : 2012

HDD were approached by Southwark Council to develop a Cemetery Strategy to address the critical shortage of burial space in the borough. The Strategy focusses on the practical options for burial within the existing cemetery areas within Southwark, but also takes account of a wide range of potential options for burial outside of those areas.

As part of this brief, HDD carried out a period of research and investigation over several months, considered findings from consultation events, produced a Masterplan and Conservation Management Plans two of the authorities’ three cemeteries.

The Cemetery Strategy makes recommendations with estimated costs for short and medium term options for developing burial space as well as measures by which the Borough might provide for burial in the long term. The document outlines the next steps for implementation of the Strategy and considers the risks inherent in the process with potential measures to mitigate those risks.

The Strategy, which was formally adopted in 2012, outlined a £4,100,000 investment providing burial capacity to at least 2022, now informs cemetery development in the borough, and HDD are heavily involved with the delivery of that capacity.