Newton Lane Public Inquiry

Client: : Banks Developments/Axis Location: : Leeds, Yorkshire Dates: : 2005-2010

This proposal for a 137 ha, 1.2 million tonne coal and mineral mine was to envelope Ledston Hall a Grade 1 listed manor house on the outskirts of Leeds. The registered park comprises walled gardens and terraces of late C17th origins designed by Charles Bridgeman with proposals for wider parkland dated to 1716. The scheme proposed circa £1,000,000 to be available (through s106) for restoration of the Hall and gardens.

HDD was lead landscape consultant responsible for aspects of layout, ground-modelling, operational working, landscape restoration, and public rights of way. Staff were responsible for negotiations with planning authorities, English Heritage and other statutory authorities, and for successive iterations and revisions of the landscape proposals through planning and appeal stages. A full LVIA was completed supported with photo-real montages contributing to a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). The scheme received officer recommendation but was not approved.

Staff at HDD acted as Expert Witness on Landscape Matters at Public Inquiry.