Holyhead Townscape Heritage Initiative

Client: : Isle of Anglesey Council Location: : Holyhead, Anglesey Dates: : 2013

Victoria Place, also known as Victoria Square, is situated close to Holyhead, and is located within the Townscape Heritage Initiative Area, of the town.

Holyhead is the busiest passenger ferry-port terminal on the west side of Britain, with around 2.3 million passing through the port each year. However, in recent decades there has been a geographical shift in the port’s infrastructure with the locus of activities having moved away from the town centre. This, along with increased automation of the port, changes in travel patterns and growth in passengers travelling by car have combined to reduce considerably the extent to which travellers make use of the town’s services and facilities. Consequently there has been a marked decline in the town’s economic fortunes. HDD were appointed by Isle of Anglesey Council to prepare a Townscape Assessment together with a project brief for this key historical area within Holyhead, in order that regeneration of the area would be approached appropriately and sensitively.

The resulting documents included an appraisal of Victoria Place in terms of its historical context and setting within the ‘Townscape’ of Holyhead, vehicle and pedestrian movements through the space, and a detailed appraisal of its streetscape elements. It then sets out a consultants brief for the enhancement of the area.