Flintshire Crematorium, Site Search and Masterplanning

Client: : JE Davies and Son Location: : Flintshire North Wales Dates: : 2012-2015

HDD were appointed to undertake a Site Search and Alternative Site Assessment for a proposed new crematorium in Flintshire.

The County of Flintshire was taken as the overall search area for the site. A four stage filtering process was used to identify a number of sites, (23) of which 8 sites were assessed in more detail.

Stage 1-Accesion software was used to identify an Optimum Drive Area (ODA). The ODA calculated an area that was 15 minutes’ drive time from all 7 of the main Flintshire Towns.

Stage 2-GIS software/datasets were used to identify areas of land potentially suitable for a crematorium development. ‘Filters’ were used (including woodland, surface water, topography, designations and proximity to residential properties) to exclude unsuitable areas.

Stage 3-Desk based assessments were made of all residual areas of land potentially suitable for crematorium developments. The residual areas were then ‘filtered’ further using local knowledge and professional judgement to exclude areas where access, existing land uses or other constraints rendered them unsuitable.

Stage 4- Site based, detailed assessment was carried out for the remaining 8 sites. Standard criteria were used including setting, landscape, access and traffic, sustainability, topography and deliverability.

The findings were compiled into a report with mapping summarising the most favourable location for a crematorium in the County.

HDD also worked as part of a team to develop a Masterplan and submit a planning application for a new crematorium on the most suitable site.